Celeste's beautiful movement meets high octane 1v1 online multiplayer!


Kevinball is a fast paced 1v1 multiplayer Celeste mod inspired by Killer Queen and Celeste's crazy good movement that can be played for free by anyone who owns a copy of Celeste and an internet connection.


⭐ Purchase or have an installed a copy of Celeste.

⭐ Download and install Everest, the Celeste mod loader.

⭐ Download the Kevinball Mod and place it in your [Celeste install location]/Celeste/Mods folder.
For Steam installs the path should look like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Celeste\Mods\


⭐ To host a game, run Celeste, open up Mod Options and switch Connected to On with Server set to localhost (default).

⭐ Once your game is hosted, send your IP to friends you would like to join.

⭐ I'm talking to you now, friend who wants to join! To join an active server, run Celeste, open up Mod Options and change Server: localhost to Server: (your friend's IP). Then switch Connected to ON.

⭐ After multiple players are connected, all players should select Climb, select a profile, hit Start or ESC and then load up the map Stadium Collection 1 under Kevinball Stadiums.

⭐ You're playing Kevinball!

Game Rules

In Kevinball, players fight to maintain control of the "Kevin" block in the middle of the map while also taking control of chimes and avoiding spikes.

There are three ways to win:

⭐ The Kevin enters your goal

⭐ You control all of the chimes

⭐ Your opponent dies

In order to move the Kevin, you must first collect the orange diamond near the center of the map. Then, dash into one side of the Kevin to start moving him towards your goal (the side you spawn on). Dashing into the same side of the Kevin moves him faster in that direction, while dashing into the other side slows and reverses his speed. Keep the Kevin headed towards your goal while controlling chimes to stay ahead of your opponent!

Kevinball is still a WIP, so there will probably be some bugs and crashes. A server restart should fix most bugs, but please tweet them at me if you find them.

Kevinball is a mod by @stiknork. It is built off of Celeste, the excellent Everest, and based off of GhostMod.

Thank you to the creators of Celeste for making an amazing game. Thanks to ick, goatrope and joe. Thanks to the Celeste modding discord.

Check out the GitHub here

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