An anti-depressant for your
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Nurture your gamers

Counteract the stressful effects of hours of competitive Fortnite Legends, God of War and Second Life matches with funny commands!

Deadly serious about your privacy

"I used to sell customer data all the time. Your mom's maiden name, your favorite porn category, your deepest fear. I'd sell anything just to feel something. Then SmileBot helped me see that it was wrong to treat people that way. Now everyone says I'm... different. And better! I love my kids. I love this wall. I love my wife. I love you. But most of all, I love privacy." - Erica, Product Evangelist on the SmileBot team*

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Data-driven empathy

By combining neural networks, predictive analytics, Big Data and the Cloud you can understand how your gamers feel at any time with scientific precision.